The Best Time Saving Kitchen Appliances

Managing our busy lives is a never ending challenge.  There never seems enough time for work, children’s activities or other family commitments, making a little time for ourselves while still maintaining a clean and tidy house and also creating healthy delicious meals.  We do, however, have the choice of working smarter :)

Today there is a wide range of appliances that can make our daily or weekly lives a little easier if you are not in the position to afford home help.


Slow Cooker/Crockpot

This is one of the all time favorites for working smarter - not harder!!  

You literally just put the food in, set it and go on with your day. Even those who feel they can’t cook , will churn out a superb and delicious meal.  Meat will always be soft and tender and fall off the bone, no more dried out, over done meals.

The slow cooker is incredibly versatile too.  You can cook whole meals, casseroles, soup,  make broth, cakes and desserts and even bread in it!  And if family members come home at different times, the crockpot will keep the meal warm for them without any effort.

You would be a fool not to have one of these!!


Food Processor

Another of the best time saving kitchen appliances I would find hard to live without is a Food Processor.  A food processor is like having a kitchen hand to do all your prep.  With all the different attachments and functions a processor comes with, you will be able to chop nuts and vegetables, slice onions and salami, grate cheese for your pizzas or vegetables for salads, make fresh peanut butter, dips or pestos and blend almost anything you need to for your cooking or baking creations with in a few seconds, saving your a huge amount of time.


Coffee Makers

If you love your morning coffee then a Coffee Maker is an essential kitchen appliance. These devices can streamline your morning routine and provide you with a fresh and delectable coffee brew of your choice while saving a fortune in bought coffee. Most machines have an automatic turn-off option, so you can brew and run, while your coffee maker shuts itself down.




A blender is a simple but effective tool for making your meal time easier.  If you love a quick fix, healthy meal or snack, then you’ll love making a smoothie in your blender.  Just throw in your favs and press the switch to have a delicious meal on the run.  There are different size blenders to suit your needs or family size.  I love my smaller one that comes with a portable container.  Just put your choice of fruit/milk in the container, screw on the top with the blender blades, power it up on the blender, change the lid for a drink top and walk out the door!

Blenders also make quick and tasty soup mix, dips, sauces and more to impress your family or visitors.


Rice Cooker

Once you have one of these in your pantry you will never go back to cooking rice in a pot!      If you are short on time but need to produce a meal in a hurry, the Rice Cooker will be your  saviour.  Such Beautiful fluffy rice every time, your family will love you for it.  With no guess-work on rice to water ratios, just follow the instructions and leave it to cook to perfection in about 20mins while you throw together your ingredients to complete the meal.  I often use my handy microwave rice cooker if it is just the two of us for dinner - just love the convenience.


Real fruit Cream Maker

If your family is like mine, ending the meal with a sweet treat just rounds off the eating experience.  I love a little sweetness, but try to stay away from ready-made treats and encourage the children to do the same.  Providing them with an alternative that is both delicious and healthy is where the fresh fruit ice-cream maker is perfect.   They can choose which fruits they like and get a real kick out of making their own treat too, becoming quite the family affair!


Partitioned Skillet

Why use multiple pans for dinner and having to wash them afterward when you’ve got plenty of other things to do??? 

The partitioned skillet gives you the opportunity to prepare a whole meal in one go. 

You can cook the main in the large area and place veggies into the other areas.  These skillets are nonstick so, you will not have to struggle to remove your food. 

A Multi skillet will also optimize your shelf space by replacing the multiple pans with this one skillet.



Eating and food prep for our families is a huge part of our life, but with today’s technology, there is no need to work that hard.  Why work that hard and spend so much energy on this necessary and never-ending task???  With the best time saving kitchen appliances in your home you can free up your time for more fun past times or just go and relax.