With this technology-rich era, it is hard to keep children away from the devices. But how can we do that???

Limiting screen time is perhaps the most arduous task when children are constantly exposed to a variety of devices. They become habitual and hard to put down. 

Let us help you adopt alternative strategies.


To begin with, let's talk about the The Dopamine Factor

Children’s brains release dopamine and other chemicals that create “sparks” when they are doing something exciting and pleasurable. As a result, when they find this ‘feel-good magic’ in digital devices, children want to go back and perform the same activities. This causes increased dependence on the devices that ultimately results in addiction. When children are not stopped at a young age, training them later becomes more difficult. It not only bugs the parents but also creates conflict. When children are highly dependent on mobile phones and associated devices, they become unable to manage their lives along with these devices and have trouble adjusting to other options, therefore, it is necessary to monitor screen time at a young age. 

Alternative activities that stimulate their imagination, inspire them to create or challenge their skills will excite them without any conflict from you as a parent or guardian, and will help children battle the initial stages of battling digital addiction. This strategy can be used to regain some balance in older children. 

Following are some of the alternative educational toys that can benefit your children. You can use them to change the mental patterns of your child and educate them simultaneously.


Word Books

These toys are interactive, use a bilingual system and are great for younger children. They provide pictures along with the names of different objects and living things. By tapping on the picture, the children get to hear the sound produced by that particular animal. Afterward, they hear the name in both languages. The commonly used language is Spanish. However, options are available for other languages as well. The frequently included images in these toys belong to animals, vehicles, vegetables, and fruits. This toy is suitable for children above six months to 2 years old.


Construction Sets


This toy features different parts that need assembling.  They can be a stack of wooden blocks that need to be balanced in order to create a tower or structure, or blocks of different shapes that lock together for a more diverse creative.

Then there are the more intricate constructions where the final structure is a maze through which the children can pass a marble or any other smaller object. With this toy, children can have the opportunity to build to their cognitive abilities. They can use the parts to recreate the maze differently every time. With each attempt, they may enhance the complexity and alter the pathways. All children from three to five years can have a quality time and learning experience with this toy. The details associated with each move engage the children enabling them to focus without any distractions and fear of boredom.




All the millennials used to fill their days with the fort building. To keep the trend timeless and pass it on to the generation, some companies are making efforts. The latest forts glow in the dark feature. Children can build these complicated forts and leave them in the yards till nightfall. The period between the day and night keeps them excited to witness the final look of the fort. With this rendition, children remain hooked on the building.


Miniature Gardens

A miniature garden fixed inside a jar or a container are fascinating for children. These jars often come with lights and accessories. Children can sow the seeds, water and grow plants. They can put the container into sunlight or turn on the lamp inside it. These incredibly swift seeding plants can sprout within 3 to 4 days. The children will be responsible for the growth of the garden and the nourishment of the seedlings and create excitement watching them grow and change by the day! They can also add soil from external sources to enhance the beds. These gardens not only engage children but are attract them as they are very appealing.


Interactive Science Kits

Did you always want to inspire scientific curiosity and wonder in your child? If so, then seize this moment. Science doesn’t have to be expensive or dangerous and can be done with everyday household items - like ‘Magic Milk’ - grow crystals on pipe cleaners - make a sundial, the list goes on!  For older children, the national geographic featured kit shows model volcanos that erupt. It includes paint, crystal, and volcanic rocks to mimic the real-time eruption. Children have to construct the entire experiment to witness the lava. Through this activity, they can get an idea of the actual phenomena. So, train your future scientist , incorporate in them the passion for learning and keep them off their devices!


You can introduce many educational toys to keep kids off screens and adopt various strategies to divert your child. Introducing educational toys in their lives is one of them. With these toys, they can train their minds and enhance their abilities that will aid them in the long run.